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Your room has a smart TV and you can obtain up to 80 channels and radio.
Also available is Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple TV plus at no extra charge. Please note you are not able to purchase or rent extra films in Amazon Prime or Apple TV. You also have an Apple TV (small silver remote) which you will be able to access 450 films from our library. To do this you need to go to input with your TV remote, up to Apple TV/films to enter the Apple box, then with the silver remote select computers, click on and it will show Weston Cottage library, click onto that and a list of films available will appear.
To switch off the TV hold the off button down until you see a line across the screen otherwise you will have a Weston Cottage picture displayed.
The upstairs Suite the television is different. To get Netflix, Prime and Apple TV you will need to enter through the Apple TV box (silver remote). On your TV remote enter source, HDMI 2 and turn on Apple remote by selecting menu button and follow whatever programme you wish.

DVD's available on request. 

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